Why JustHired Started…

Upon graduating from college it humbles me to say that I did not know how to prepare a professional resume. I would search Google and watch Youtube videos looking for a start. I was looking for a template I could use to form my resume. Unfortunately I could not find a template that was professional but still creative. I contacted a designer to create a design that would give me the confidence to pass out my resumes  to employers. It took me many failures but finally we created a template that I was excited about.

The first time i passed out my custom resume template, the Human Resource Manager asked me where did I get my resume from. I told her I created it from scratch. She asked if I could create one for her. After doing this for 10 times over I realized that there are a lot of people in a similar position. 

Our Goal is to give you confidence and have you standout from your peers!

We want to make this service accessible to everyone. whether Whether you are looking to switch jobs, apply for a better position in your current company, new to the work force, recent graduate, or high school student looking for a part time job, we have you covered!  Our goal is to design resumes that standout but that give employers the ability to find needed information fast! All of our resume templates are designed with love and care, and sent to you with well wishes on your job search. Good Luck On Your Job Search!


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